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Hi I'm Amber, and Welcome to My Journal! :)
Most of my LJ is Friend-Locked now. So below is a list of the 4 kinds of entries I usually make:

1. Any Icons/Art I've Made (Which I'll share once in awhile, and those are not locked.)
2. My TV Shows/Movies Ranting (Which is sometimes locked.)
3. My Real Life Stuff Version 1 (Boring stuff when I need to vent/want to share something, which is locked.)
4. My Real Life Stuff Version 2 (Boring stuff plus crappy stuff when I need to vent, which is locked, and friend filtered.)

Please note though that I am a Major Chlollie, Spuffy and a former Chlarker. So my journal entries definitely show that. So please consider yourself warned, and if you have a problem with that, than please just ignore it or just don't friend me, lol. :D I don't mind though having Friends that like other couples/ships/fandoms, and I like getting new Friends! :)
Especially if you have some of the same interest's as I do like: Smallville (Chlollie & some Chlark & Chlean), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Spuffy), Downton Abbey (Mary/Matthew & Sybil/Tom), Gilmore Girls (Rogan aka Sophie), and Harry Potter (Harmony aka Harry/Hermione & Dramione aka Draco/Hermione). :) So even though I do ship these couples above, like I said I am open to having Friends who support other couples/ships/fandoms. :)

So if you decide to friend me, go ahead, and I'll most likely friend you back. :) You can also leave a comment below if you decide to Friend me, saying who you are, and how you found me, etc.! :)

Well that's about it, and have a Happy Day! :)

Take Care,

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Happy Merry Christmas Eve & Day!!!!! :)

Chlollie- Santa?
Hello my lovely LJ Friends! :)

I just wanted to wish all of you and your loved ones, a Very Happy, Safe, and Merry Christmas Eve & Day!!!!! :D Hope your Holiday is Filled with Love, Warmth, and Many Wonderful Memories!!!! :) Plus some "goodies" too!! ;) 

Happy Holidays To All, and To All A Goodnight!!
Hugs & Take Care, Amber :)

P.S. To my fellow Chlollier's: 33 Days now until The Chlollie Reunion, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Chlollie Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my LJ Friends in the USA!!!! :) Hope all of you had a very nice Turkey Day filled with wonderful goodies!! :D
It's officially Black Friday, let the shopping commence, lol! ;) :D It's also the official start of the Holiday Season aka Christmas season, YAY!!!!!!! :D

Hugs, Amber :)

svmasq-26-Most Beautiful Couple

Hi Everyone! :) 

Sooo...I decided to make a Chlollie Autumn aka Fall/Thanksgiving Wallpapers, using images from Season 6's "Rage", inspired from a Chlollie icon made by  tehzo (which you can see on my userpics page) . :)
Anyway, this is my first time making a wallpaper (bites fingers nervously). Plus it's also my first time cutting out people, and putting another person in a picture. I've done collage's before but not cutting/switching people, so it's not a perfect pic/wallpaper but I think it came out okay! :)

So Happy Fall, and Happy Thanksgiving (to all my USA Chlollier's that celebrate it!), and Enjoy!! :D Oh and if you snag, please comment if you can, I would be THRILLED with comments!!!!! ;D  Thanks very much!!! :)

Take Care, Amber :)

Wallpaper 1-

Wallpaper 2- (Same as the 1st, just with a Glamour Color)

Spuffy Fic Rec....

svmasq-26-Most Beautiful Couple
I had to Rec. this Spuffy fic, because I think it's AMAZING, and it's become an all time Fave Spuffy fic of mine! :) 
I've become addicted to it, LOL. :) 

Author: dampersandspoons
Title: Only Time Will Tell
Pairing: Spike/Buffy aka Spuffy
Rating: NC-17
A WIP, but it's got 10 Chapters up already! :)
Author's Summary:
A year after the Hellmouth collapsed, Buffy and co., who now reside in London, are faced with an interesting mission. They must retrieve an artifact, however, this one was destroyed over a hundred years ago. In order to retrieve it, she and her watcher must travel back in time to the late 1800's, to the precise location where William lived before he was turned. Will she risk changing history to seek out the one she loves or will she be put in a completely different situation than she'd anticipated in the first place?


I LOVE this fic because I'm addicted to Time Travel and Victorian Era Spuffy fics!!! :) Plus I think this fic is Sweet, Funny, Romantic, HOT, and Brilliantly written!!!!! :) 

So go ahead and read, and enjoy your Spuffy visit to 1880! :) 

Take Care,
Amber :)

Happy 4th of July! :)

svmasq-26-Most Beautiful Couple
I just wanted to wish All of my fellow American LJ Friends, a VERY Safe and Happy 4th of July!!!! :)
I hope yours is Filled with Fun, and Lots of Fireworks!! :)

Take Care,
Amber :)

Chlark Fic Rec....

svmasq-26-Most Beautiful Couple

I came across this story below over on K-Site and I thought it was Awesome, and I'm definitely hooked on it!!! :) 

By: marikology
Where: The Clark and Chloe Thread.
Title: House Arrest
Spoilers: Post-Arctic
Pairings: Chlark UST/maybe more, dying embers of Clana and Chimmy (sorry!)
Rating: PG-13.
Author Summary: Chloe and Clark wind up spending a lot of time together over the summer as they figure out where their lives are going.

MY Summary: Well you can figure out what's happening with Chloe by the Title, LOL. :) 
So far though this fic has had The General, and Martha guest star in it. An Awesome Chimmy Showdown (GO CHLO!), a "Supportive" Lois (About Time!), Shelby, and Chlark bonding! Oh and THE Best part so far, A Chlark Hug!!!! :)
Plus the characters are written SO good!!!!! :) It's also Funny and Realistic, and it's definitely left me wanting more!!!!!!!! :)

So go on, and check it out! :) And, Enjoy!! :)

Take Care,
Amber :)

Chlark Fic Rec...

svmasq-26-Most Beautiful Couple
Going along with everyone in the Chlark Appreciation, happy mood/posts, below is a Chlark fic rec. :)

Now I'm sure most of you have seen this fic posted in the Chlark_Crazed community, but I'm showing it off some more, because I think it's worthy!!!! :)

Written By: samanthamt
Title: Time to Decide
Pairing: Chlark, Bizana/Bizlana (whatever it's called these days.)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Pretty much the show... definitely season 2 and season 6 Justice. Season 7 Siren, Persona, Fracture, Lionel is dead. Lex runs DP.
Early Chapters: While on a mission with the Justice League in Metropolis, Chloe aka Watchtower is transported to Smallville circa 2002. 
Later Chapters: Now that she's back Chloe, Clark, and the JLA must stop Lex's newest evil scheme.

Here's the link to the 1st Chapter: 

Here's the link to her tag: fic, where you'll find the first couple of chapters posted: 

This fic is Awesome, and the writing is the same!!!! :) It's THE Best Time Travel Chlark fic I've read!!!! 
Plus it's become one of my All Time favorite Chlark fics, Ever!!! :) 

Chlark is written to the "T" in this, not to mention so are ALL of the characters!!! :) 

The story itself is Funny, Witty, Cute, Sweet and SO Realistic!!!! :)
Plus Samanthamt puts out updates practically Every Day!!! :) How Awesome is that??!! :) 
The fic is already 40 chapters long, so you'll have lots of Chlark to read! :) 
This is a "Happy Chlark" fic, although there is a little Clana in the beginning with the Time Travel, so there's a warning for ya! It's SO Worth reading through that though!!! :) 

Happy Reading!!!!!!!! :) 

Take Care,
Amber :)

5 More Allison Mack Icons.....

svmasq-26-Most Beautiful Couple

Well I guess I was still in a creative mood yesterday, because I made some more Allison Icons! :) 

Here's a preview:



8 Allison Mack Icons...

svmasq-26-Most Beautiful Couple

Since I was SO Happy to hear that Allison was coming back for Season 8 yesterday, I was in a creative/making Icons mood, LOL!!!!! :) So here are some Allison Mack Icons! :)

A Preview:


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